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Ideal Chocolate can help you create a unique, one-of-a-kind gift for your company or organization. The combination of your unique design and the exquisite flavor of 100% pure Belgian chocolate ensures your custom chocolate gift will make a lasting impression.

Let us turn your business gift idea into an exciting reality! With us, fine pure Belgian chocolate becomes a dazzling business communicator. Unlike some gifts customized with only a greeting card, your design actually engraved in chocolate, becomes the focus and gets viewed over and over. 

Recipients are wowed by the intricacy and level of detail, and often rush to show their gift to others in the office, saying, ‘This is too beautiful to eat’. Eventually they do, and break into the rich taste of great milk or dark chocolate. Most importantly, they’ll remember the message and who gave it to them.

Start your order online and we will give you an additional 3% - 5% off the listed prices. 


Custom Collection

$5 and under

$5 to $10

$10 to $20

$20 to $38

$38 and up

Stock Collection

READY-TO-SHIP in 3 working days or less! Our Stock Collection features favorite designs that are always in stock and ready to ship making them perfect for gifts or recognition.

Coins & Shapes

Chocolate Wrapper Bars


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KarmaKarma / Charity Impact Card

KARMAKARMA formally The Charity Impact Card is a social impact community where you can see and track your good deeds in life. They have defined specific social impacts with their cause partners and donate 100% of the amount needed to fulfill that impact. You can now support concrete actions knowing what impact you are making, from providing children with toothbrushes and clean drinking water, to planting trees and providing meals.

How it works:

Make a purchase on this site or SaveOnPromoItems.com Select the item(s) you want, pay on our website and depending on the item and the total amount spent we will email you a unique code that you will enter at http://karmakarma.com/redeemcode

Amounts available: $3, $5, $10, $20, $50.

How is KARMAKARMA different than other donation sites?

KARMAKARMA was created to give users the peace of mind of knowing what impact their contribution actually accomplishes. Even after making a donation, donors are often not certain what their donation will do to alleviate a specific need.

We are all about supporting your favorite cause and making quantifiable impact. Every redemption you make on the site will make a difference and create real change!

So please help us help you to make a difference in the world!

Thank You!


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